Public Safety
Wednesday 26th June, EXPO SUMMIT THEATRE 1: 10.30-17.00


Access to reliable communications and tactical information becomes significantly important when emergency situations occur. With LTE offering the possibility of a resilient network with mission critical services, vendors and service providers are investing heavily in Public Safety LTE. Key issues such as spectrum availability, governance of the network and ensuring prioritisation of users still have to be overcome to optimise deployment success.

Key Speakers

  • Tony Gray, Board Member, TETRA & Critical Communications Association (TCCA) & Chairman, TCCA Critical Communications Broadband Group (CCBG), Germany
  • Cindy Cook, Director, Mobile Services Engineering, Industry Canada, Canada
  • Xiaobao Chen, Head of Mobile System Standards, France Telecom, UK
  • Emil Olbrich, Lead Project Engineer, NIST, USA

Key Sessions

  • Assessing the ‘must-haves’ of a public safety network
  • Key take-aways from commercial 3G public safety deployments
  • Regulatory update on public safety and utilities spectrum
  • Effectively governing and monitoring an LTE public safety network to achieve economies of scale
  • First responder and service provider partnerships: Is collaboration critical?
  • Device developments in the public safety space 

Public Safety Sponsors

Public Safety sponsors




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